Perch support

Perch Support Site

Welcome to Perch Support! The primary method of getting help with Perch is via our forums.

From the forum you are able to raise a private ticket if we need to get some additional, private, information from you. However the support forums are prioritized, staffed by official Perch Support staff, and most queries can be most quickly answered there.

Ongoing support issues

As we move from one system to another there will be a few threads that get caught in the move.

If you had an ongoing forum thread that you want use to refer back to, create a thread in the new forum with a link back to your thread in the archive. We'll pick it up from there.

If you had an ongoing support ticket in the old system you can still check on those old tickets here. We'll not be removing access to any of this for a good while but if there is information you are keen to keep then do grab a copy of it.