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I am using the "block content" since I'm new to Perch I'm trying to keep the first site simple. Can you please tell me how I insert an image and align it left so that the heading and text wrap?
Donna Spakes
12 Feb 2012, 09:56 PM
You can set the imageclasses attribute on your template tag, with a list of classes to chose from when inserting an image:

imageclasses="left, right, centre"

Then you just need to define the behaviour of an image with that class in your CSS.
Drew McLellan
5 mins since original post
Can I ask a stupid question? Where and how do I find the correct template? What am I looking for? I do know css but I don't know how to find what css goes with this content. I'm assuming it's in the template folder, but ......

Thanks for the quick response Drew!
Donna Spakes
1 hour, 55 mins since original post
I added align="left" to perch/templates/content/image.html

That didn't work.

Then I added imagealign="left" to perch/templates/content/text_block.html

That didn't work. I'm poking around trying to learn. Can you give me a hint of where and what the style needs to say?
Donna Spakes
2 hours, 22 mins since original post
Video 4 in our video tutorial covers editing templates.

Drew explained what to add to your template. Then you just need to write the CSS for it (as normal).

Rachel Andrew
8 hours, 13 mins since original post
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