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Gallery image upload for nivo slider using thumbnail size

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I'm using the following gallery template to insert into a nivo slider;

<img src="<perch:gallery id="slide" />" width="<perch:gallery id="slide-w" />" height="<perch:gallery id="slide-h" />" alt="<perch:gallery id="imageAlt" />" />

And I have specified the size in the image.html;
<perch:gallery id="image" type="image" key="slide" width="822" height="529" crop="true" />

Here is the php on the webpage;
$opts = array(
perch_gallery_album('joinerySlider', $opts);

It works fine when I replace an existing image, but if I upload a new image, its putting in the thumbnail version.

Here is a link to the site; (images 4 and 5 show the problem)

Have I got something wrong in the templates?

Wayne Hooper
7 Mar 2012, 11:40 AM
If you're only getting the smallest thumbnail, that probably means the script is failing while trying to resize images - probably just running out of memory.

Have you tried with smaller images?
Drew McLellan (Perch)
58 mins since original post
Just tested an image I saved for web (700KB) and that worked. Whereas the others were straight off a camera around 4MB.

The client is going to be using jpgs of around 4MB as he doesn't have any software to optimise them.

Is this to do with php memory on the hosting?
Wayne Hooper
1 hour, 21 mins since original post
Yes, that's right. If you look at the diagnostics report (on the Settings page) it tells you how much memory is allocated.

Keep in mind, on shared hosting that's a maximum, and in reality what's available could be less.
Drew McLellan (Perch)
3 hours, 47 mins since original post
Thanks Drew. I will check it out. I have just noticed though... when I click diagnostics, it takes me back to the login page...?
Wayne Hooper
4 hours, 5 mins since original post
That doesn't sound very good. Anything in your server error log?
Drew McLellan (Perch)
4 hours, 27 mins since original post
Just tried it again. It does try to go to /settings/diagnostics but then either comes up "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." or jumps back to the login.

Where would I find a server error log?
Wayne Hooper
4 hours, 42 mins since original post
You can often find that in your hosting control panel.
Drew McLellan (Perch)
5 hours since original post
Ok. Had a look... it mainly consists of [error] File does not exist: Then several lines of missing files??

Its not a hosting company I normally use, it was something the client already had in place, so I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right place.

I'm going to be moving the site to the main domain tomorrow rather than the subdomain and clearing out the database of my testing, so I will see how its performing then.

Wayne Hooper
5 hours, 17 mins since original post
Drew McLellan (Perch)
5 hours, 29 mins since original post
Hi Drew

I've just tried another test which might work as a short-term work-around. If I go into one of the images thats coming out small sized in the gallery and re-upload the same image, it re-sizes correctly and displays fine in the slider.

So the thumbnail image is only happening when I upload a new image for the first time.

I can go to the client with this work-around for now, but if we could figure out why this is happening, that would be great.

btw. I haven't moved it across to the live site yet as mentioned earlier.
Wayne Hooper
21 hours, 22 mins since original post
I think the difference could be the bulk uploader, vs the regular single file uploader.
Drew McLellan (Perch)
22 hours, 32 mins since original post
Is there a way to upload a single new image not through the bulk uploader? I can only find this option when replacing an existing image.
Wayne Hooper
22 hours, 56 mins since original post
Not currently, but that's an option we plan to add.
Drew McLellan (Perch)
1 day, 3 hours since original post
Just wondering if this was solved as I am looking for a non-flash slider (slideshow) that will work with Perch for my clients to swap out images. Is the Nivo Slider compatible with Perch?
1 month since original post
This isn't a general issue with the software - it was just a specific issue with one user's configuration.
Drew McLellan
1 month since original post
Yes thanks. I am just looking for a slider that will work with Perch, the one featured on the Perch site is flash based so not really an option going forward. Does Perch have any 'recommended' or tested 'non-flash' sliders? Thx.
1 month since original post
Pretty much any will work. All Perch does is output the HTML you want with your data. The Gallery examples use the jQuery Cycle plugin. Have you looked at those?
Drew McLellan (Perch)
1 month since original post
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