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Don't develop Perch sites in subfolders?

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I've been reading through several posts that recommend that users don't develop Perch websites in subfolders. Isn't that a little unrealistic?

I mean most design companies I know of will develop client sites on their own web servers, within a client or development subdirectory. But, perhaps I'm missing something. Please walk me through the workflow you are suggesting?

Kelly Crossley
15 Jun 2012, 04:04 AM
I just found this article that Drew wrote, which is very good.

So here's my dilemma. Most of my clients already have a website, so I'd rather not use their server for fear of screwing something up. I like giving my clients the ability to proof a site remotely before it goes live, but I don't want anyone logging into my systems. Having said all of that is my best solution to purchase a few development domains and hosting? c

Kelly Crossley
1 hour, 1 min since original post
After researching this for a few hours I think MAMP PRO is my best choice, which I think I've seen Rachel use in some of her tutorials. How hard is it to transfer a Perch enabled website from MAMP PRO to a liver server? Do you have any advice for setting up a MAMP PRO server with Perch?
Kelly Crossley
3 hours, 8 mins since original post
I think most people use a subdomain, e.g. to stage things for the client to see.
Drew McLellan
3 hours, 9 mins since original post
So, do you think the best solution to setup a subdomain to point to my MAMP PRO server? If not, what setup would you recommend?
Kelly Crossley
3 hours, 27 mins since original post
If you're using MAMP PRO locally, you can set up a new virtual host for each site. (That's what I do for developing Perch.)

When you're ready to show the client, you could put it on a subdomain of a hosting account.
Drew McLellan
5 hours, 39 mins since original post
Drew, I purchased a copy of Mamp Pro, but I'm not sure exactly how to setup my website production workflow. Do I simply develop on the Mamp Pro server then, when the site is complete, move everything over to the client's home server?
Kelly Crossley
2 weeks, 2 days since original post
Yes that is correct.
Rachel Andrew
2 weeks, 3 days since original post
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