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Can I hide the code?

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I have made a few searches but can't find anything on this topic (although it must be there I am sure). My am trying perch so my client can edit his site, but the only way I can put my code into a 'content' is by using source code, if I use 'text block' the code shows in the page. No divs just <p> but there are and need to be <spans>, <em>, <href...> <br /> and <b>. the idea that I have to put this in using the editor makes using perch a no go for me. So Source code works but my client then sees all the code.

Is there a way to toggle this on and off?Do i have to make my own templates? I am meant to have this up by Monday, so I am in full panic mode now.

Thanks for any help
Cass Cassidy
4 Nov 2011, 07:20 AM
You mostly shouldn't be entering code via an edit form - that's a strong indication that your approach isn't quite right.

I think you probably do want to make your own templates. They're just HTML snippets with some placeholders in for content, so quite straightforward.

Take a look at this video and see if it helps.
Drew McLellan (Perch)
1 hour, 57 mins since original post
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