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Localhost setup for testing multiple sites using Perch

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I've just purchased my first Perch license and I'm planning on using Perch regularly for further sites. I've installed the regular version of MAMP and have set up my site in a subfolder on localhost. Looking towards the future though, if I want to locally test several sites that use Perch, am I going to run into difficulties?

Up until now I've only developed static sites so I'm trying to get my head around the best way to set it all up. Would I be better purchasing MAMP Pro if I want to test lots of sites?
3 Dec 2011, 07:05 PM
MAMP Pro makes it a lot easier to set up multiple local sites - I use it on my Mac as it's just really convenient :)

The advantage of using MAMP Pro is each local site is correctly in it's own root folder rather than ending up in a subfolder of localhost.
Rachel Andrew
4 hours, 46 mins since original post
Thanks very much Rachel for such a quick reply.

(Realised too late I'd posted in wrong area of forum, sorry)
16 hours, 15 mins since original post
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