Perch support

Submit a Request for Assistance

Use this form to raise a private support ticket with a member of our support team. Tickets should be used for problems with Perch. To be able to help you we need:

  • Your Diagnostics Report. This can be found under the Settings Page in Perch.
  • If you are not running the latest version of Perch available for your licence we will ask you to upgrade. So try this before raising a ticket and confirm the problem still exists. If, for some reason, you really cannot upgrade then explain why when raising your ticket.
  • A clear description of your issue including any PHP error message if appropriate. If you are not sure how to report a technical issue then we have some information to help you.

If you give us all of the information up front then we can solve your problem without needing to ask you further questions.

If the support you need is information about how to do something then please post to the forums. The forum is also staffed by Perch developers and we'll be very happy to help advise you there. If implementation questions are raised as tickets then we will ask you to repost to the forum.

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